After 19 months of providing quality soccer picks to it’s members, Sampicks will soon lunch a new service.

Our new service will be called “Banker of the week” and as the name suggest it will consist of one pick being provided each week.

Now you might ask yourself what is so special about this service… it’s just another pick.

What makes “Banker of the week” special is the fact that the pick does not cost anything if it’s not a winner.

When we say it does not cost anything we do not mean you will get another pick free if the first one lost, or that you can ask for a refund. No, we mean that you will not pay a single cent for the pick.

How we will select our pick:
Our tipster will review the entire offer for that week, will shortlist the events and use our SAM system in order to select the final 3 events. From the final 3 our tipsters will agree on the one the will be provided as banker of the week.

The medium odd for our banker of the week will be 1.8 decimal.

Sampicks is the first online sports betting service that has the confidence to lunch such a service and we are sure “Banker of the week” will be a huge success for all our members.

Think about it… if the pick does not cost anything unless it is a winner, do you think we are motivated to provide only winning picks?

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