Why only 15Eur/month?

Many users ask us why our membership fee is so small.
Our answer is simple, we are not looking for fast profits, we focus on quality soccer predictions for our members, knowing that once you test SAM you will renew your membership every month.

About Us


Sampicks was founded in July 2009 and its mission is to become the world's largest sports tipping website.
Sampicks was created around SAM (Systematical Analysis Model) developed in November 2008.


SAM or the “Systematical Analysis Model” is a computer generated analysis system used by Sampicks to provide highly accurate sports tips.

SAM takes into consideration up to 14 parameters for each of the inputed sports event, such as:  injuries, form of each team, history between the 2 teams, form of the top players from each team, predicted weather for the time of the event, referees, cards, and others.

Each of the parameters has a specific number of predetermined confidence points assigned, that the system uses to calculate its prediction.


Each day our top tipsters select a number of 7 to 10 matches that are then inputted through the software.
The computer analyzes each match, and assigns a number of confidence points, based on the inputted data.


The 3 top rated picks are then sent back to our top tipsters, that after a comprehensive analysis, select the one we will offer as our “Tip of the Day”.


The Systematical Analysis Model is probably the most accurate analysis system in the word, since it runs each sports event through 3 different analysis steps before selecting the match that has the highest confidence within that day.




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