Why only 15Eur/month?

Many users ask us why our membership fee is so small.
Our answer is simple, we are not looking for fast profits, we focus on quality soccer predictions for our members, knowing that once you test SAM you will renew your membership every month.

Why choose us

Why is SAM (Systematical Analysis Model) different from the other paid picks providers:

1.First of all, the SAM method of match selection, uses a 3 step analysis system, that takes into consideration up to 14 parameters for each of the picks we provide.

2.Furthermore, on the web, you can find monthly paid picks subscriptions, at prices which vary from 200€ up to 1500€, with a win ratio as low as 68%. We offer our picks for only 15€ a month, with a win ratio as high as 86%.

3.We do not offer 5 different paid tips packages at 5 different prices, evaluating our users importance by the amount of money they pay.

In fact, we have a standard 15€/month package that provides the highest quality tips for all our users, showing them all the same respect and importance.

4.We provide a minimum of 20 picks/month, much more than you can get from anywere else. Moreover, we offer our picks at a fixed hour each time, we do not send e-mails, nor SMS messages within 20 minutes before game kickoff.  You are notified by e-mail every time a new selection has been posted, with at least 3 hours in advance, or you can always login and view the "Today's pick" area of the website where we post the selection for the current day at precisely 12:00 GMT.

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